Monday, 23 July 2012

How to create App on Facebook for integration in mobile app.

Hello friends ,

This tutorial is for beginners who want to integrate facebook in there iOS ,android or any other platform mobile app.It requires to create an App on Facebook which will have a unique AppID and App secret.

These are the following steps to create an app on facebook.
Step 1. Login to FB account and go bottom of page and click on developer as shown in blow image.

Step 2- Now Click on Apps as shown in described in below screenshot.

Step -3 Now click on Create New app button of Apps page as shown in below screen shot. 

Step 4- Fill the Name of app as it is required and click continue to navigate to next page..As shown in below screenshot 

Step 5- Now on next screen you will get App ID and App Secret as shown in screenshot .

Setp 6 - Now save these setting by clicking save button on the App detail page, as shown in below screenshot. 

In this way you can create an app on facebook. 

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